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23 Oct 2006

I'm back from Phuket. My friend and I had a wonderful time. We rode elephants, went out on the sea through caves in canoes, parasailed, saw some spectacular scenery, ate delicious food off the street carts and in the restaurants, had a massage on the beach every day, shopped till we dropped, got drunk in bars and relaxed by the pool and at the beach.

I'm not going to do a pictorial blurb about the beauty of Phuket. I'll just say this - some of Phuket is very beautiful but there are many things going on there that are very ugly.

Oh to be male, fifty and single in Thailand - what joy there must be in teenage Thai girls. It was quite sickening how ubiquitous the sight of an old drunk western lech with a very young beautiful thai girl eating too fast like she was a bit hungry was in the restaurants. Anyhow, moving right along.

My biggest suprise in Thailand was this:

These are the girls working the day shift in the massage parlour next door to our hotel. Every day they asked me 'you want massage madam?'. The men were offerred a bit extra - vis a vis - 'I give you happy ending'.

One day as I walked by I noticed they were crocheting. So, I had a chat with them about it and went back to the hotel to get my pomotomus. They were fascinated by the circular needles, as I with their waffle-stitch football scarves and hats in lurid acrylic. We sat and had a stitch. What a strange thing to have in common with a thai massage parlour girl.

Afterwards I noticed a lot of the massage shop girls were crocheting all over the island. I later learned that each girl gets a different name to crochet on these scarves. The girl in the picture was making scarves for MARK. Other girls had JEFF, SIMON, PAUL - or whatever.

With the number of girls sitting idle all day outside these shops on Phuket alone it is easy to see how thousands of these scarves could get hand made for next to nothing.

I've seen them in those cheap shops too, scarf and hat sets for football fans with names on them. I'll never look at them the same way again.

Two street signs caught my eye whilst in Phuket also,

Well it's a bit late now.

I'm sorry to say I may have been one of them.

Anyway, I hardly knit at all and had a great time. I'm a bit behind on a few swaps but got a slew of cute bits and pieces in Thailand so hopefully they'll be better parcels for the delay.

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